Are you unhappy with the service (or lack of) you are receiving from you current Agent?

If you feel ‘stuck’ with your Agent for one of the following reasons:

  • You don’t want to upset your current tenants
  • Concerned about cancellation fees
  • Unsure about the exact feasibility of how it would work
  • Simply don’t want the hassle

Redbrick have solutions to all of the above.

Redbrick was founded by Landlords who, perhaps like yourself, were not satisfied with the services being received by other Agents.

  • We deliver the service we expect to receive, and we have very high standards.
  • We will do the leg work for you and will help you at every step.
  • We will do all we can to switch you across to Redbrick within 4 weeks.

Switch to us in 6 easy steps…

  • Contact Us

    We would like to speak with you about. The more time you give us to work on your case – the more prepared we can be to tackle any obstacles!

  • We will check your current contract

    You are not always obliged to stay with your current Agent – especially if you are not impressed with the services you are receiving or if your current tenancy is due to end shortly. We will check your agreement and advise you (on a no obligation basis).

  • We can contact your current agent

    Once you have made the decision to switch, we will contact your Agent and notify them, of your intention to switch. We will arrange for the collection of the necessary paperwork (tenancy agreements, inventories, gas safety certificates, epc’s, rent schedule, deposit protection certificates and of course any management keys!

  • We contact your current tenant

    We will contact your current tenant in a timely fashion to firstly introduce ourselves but also to inform them that Redbrick will now be managing the property – and if they wish to stay – we will notify them that they will very much be a part of this process and we will work with them – not against them! We will change over any bank details with them and contact details of their Property Manager!

  • Tenancy Transfer, Good Communications with all, Switch Completion

    It generally takes 4 weeks for the completion of the transfer. Throughout the entire process, we will keep in touch with you providing you with regular updates. We intend to make this process as smooth as possible for you and your Tenant.

  • Commercial Decision: Good Business for Everyone

    Redbrick will identify any fees/hurdles that may stop the process of Switching and we will make a commercial decision, whether it would make sense for us to do the following:

    • Pay your cancellation fees for you (subject to terms&conditions)
    • Give you £500 cashback which can be used for any future Letting costs
    • If the time comes to sell, we will reduce our commissions by 0.5%
    • Offer Free management for a certain length of time.

    Please contact us below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.