This is our real area of expertise and with a strong track record Redbrick can operate as your Property Finder. We represent buyers across all budgets to ensure access to the new properties FIRST. We search for property on your behalf, according to your specified criteria, saving you time and money. We will give you access to exclusive reports ensuring that together, we have done all of the due diligence required to make a successful investment.

We will provide insights into:

  • Where to invest and why?
  • The types of returns you can expect?
  • When should you see a return by?
  • The rental amount the property will command?
  • Exit strategy options – when and for how much?

Unlike our traditional service where we work on the behalf of the seller or landlord to realise the highest possible price, Sourcing Property works solely for buyers, providing unbiased advice throughout.

Our sourcing property services can also offer a comprehensive property management service, either for a one-off property purchase or across purchases of a number of properties.

Our management team have sourced in excess of £130M worth of Buy to let property in the South East in the last 36 months alone – that is over 600 property transactions.

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