Service Options


Let Only [LO] Tenancy Management [TM] Full Management [FM] Investment Portfolio Management [IPM]
Agree the market rent and find a tenant in accordance with the Landlords instruction Y Y Y Y
Advise on current market conditions and preparation of the property for Letting Y Y Y Y
Prepare property details, market the property and advertise on relevant portals Y Y Y Y
Conduct accompanied viewings Y Y Y Y
Negotiate offers Y Y Y Y
Reference and financial checks Y Y Y Y
Erect board outside the property Y Y Y Y
Collect and hold the deposit as stakeholder in our client account Y Y Y Y
Register deposit with the tenancy deposit scheme where appropriate Y* Y Y Y
Collection of the First months rent and deposit Y Y Y Y
Tenancy Agreement Prepared and Submitted Y Y Y Y
Contact Landlord & Tenant prior to the end of the tenancy to discuss renewal or termination Y Y Y Y
Negotiate renewal, prepare and submit documentation Y Y Y Y
Provide tenant with a method of payment N Y Y Y
Receive and remit rent N Y Y Y
Discuss non-resident tax status and HMRC (if relevant) N Y Y Y
Prepare regular statements N Y Y Y
Operate rent arrears process  should rent not have been received N Y Y Y
Provide advice on rent arrears actions N Y Y Y
Liase with utility suppliers N N Y Y
Hold keys throughout the tenancy N N Y Y
Retain a working fund and deal with day to day management N N Y Y
Arrange routine repairs and instruct approved contractors N N Y Y
Approve supplier invoices N N Y Y
Arrange gas safety record, electrical installation condition report and portable appliance testing N N Y Y
Arrange pre-tenancy cleaning N N Y Y
Investigate matters relating to the property N N Y Y
Visit the property at least twice per annum and notify Landlord of outcome N N Y Y
Ensure compliance with Houses in Multiple Occupation legislation (where applicable) N N Y Y
Provide a property management emergency out of hours service N N Y Y
Agree the check out date and time with tenant N N Y Y
Instruct Inventory provider to prepare and check inventory with tenant N N Y Y
Negotiate with Landlord and Tenant any disbursement of the security deposit N N Y Y
Return deposit as agreed with Landlord and Tenant to relevant parties N N Y Y
Remit any disputed amount to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme for final adjudication N N Y Y
Unprotect security deposit N N Y Y
Redbrick Directors’ Weekly Market Insights N N N Y
Presented with Off-market Investment Opportunities N N N Y
Recommended Tax Specialist N N N Y
Specialist Portfolio Insurance N N N Y
Annual Portfolio Valuation N N N Y
One dedicated contact across your Portfolio N N N Y
Specialist Portfolio Finance Recommendation N N N Y
Complimentary R.E.D. Membership N N N Y

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