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Redbrick currently Let and Manage in excess of 200 rooms for Landlords/Investors across the South-East.

If you are considering investing or renting rooms in a property, there are some keys issues that you need to be aware of:


Rules relating to management of a property occupied and used as an HMO are different and far more demanding to that of a standard AST. Should it require licensing or not the rules relating to safety still apply. To protect yourself and your tenants you must carry out a risk assessment and implement as required. The local council will help establish what is required if you are not sure.


Landlords will want to have confidence that a property will let easily and you will receive a reliable rental income. It is important that you ensure your property is attractive to potential renters and offers something your competitors don’t. En-suites shower rooms, management standards and overall presentation are extremely important factors. Demand for rooms in Reading from responsible professional renters is growing. There is little choice of good quality well managed rooms in Reading.


To protect your investment and get the best rental income, ensure you use an experienced and professional agent to assist you in managing the property.

Redbrick offer full management of multi-let HMO’s, have a great understanding of the complexity of managing HMO’s and manage varying HMO’s from 5 to 35 rooms.

Redbrick take great pride in managing properties professionally:

  • All properties are regularly checked for risks and undergo a fire risk assessment before being let.
  • Communal areas such as hall, stairs, landing, kitchen and bathroom are cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Most of our rooms are let on an all inclusive basis covering utility bills, wifi connection, council tax and TV connection.
  • Redbrick manage the property, carrying out routine inspections, providing an in-house maintenance team and provide tenants with a point of contact for the many queries that often arise.

If you are interested in wanting to invest in a HMO or currently have a HMO/Rooms which you would like to speak to us about then please call or email us and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

If you are thinking about selling a HMO then please visit our Disposals page.