Letting a property can be a fantastic investment. It provides income and capital growth, financial freedom and security.

Sometimes however, it can go wrong and can rapidly turn into an unrelenting nightmare of epic proportions!

If you have a great Agent on your side, and you have paid extra for a rent guarantee this need never happen, unfortunately once you are in trouble it is too late for that.


We realise that Landlords who let privately, or have unfortunately had a bad experience with a different agent can often get themselves into appalling situations. Often they turn to solicitors who charge exorbitant fees and who themselves lack the experience to get rescue the situation efficiently.

Even if you have the cash reserves to sort it out, removing your tenants can be a costly and stressful business but if your cashflow runs out it can be much worse.

Some Landlords don’t have the cash to pay solicitors fees and/or may not have the cash to put their property back into a let-able condition.

Even, assuming that you have evicted your problematic tenants and paid for the repairs, you now need to find new tenants and minimise any risk of falling into the same trap as the first occasion!

It isn’t surprising therefore that so many Landlords get disheartened and sell their properties – effectively ending their dreams of financial freedom and independence.


It doesn’t have to be that way. With our help we can put you back on track. Please don’t allow your situation get you down. Make an enquiry now, help is at hand.