This is a unique opportunity to invest totally hands off alongside one of the directors of Redbrick Property Services whilst earning market beating returns with minimal risk. Take advantage of over 45 years of property development experience whilst benefitting from excellent financial security and a fixed return. Development projects are located within the South East and we invite all interested parties to visit previously completed projects (with funds returned to investors), to meet us and learn more about substantial track record. Please contact us to request a full brochure with more information about our JV.

✓ Fixed return of 8-10% NET per year
✓ We have an extensive, proven track record
✓ Over 45 years property investment experience
✓ Existing, successful property portfolio over £20m
✓ Track record of delivering profitable developments
✓ Investors have already received returns
from previously completed projects.
✓ Excellent financial security (your funds secured as a first
charge on a UK property asset)
✓ Very low risk opportunity
✓ Invest from just £100,000