We are a niche property services company with over 45+ years experience and we deliver this service everyday covering Reading and the surrounding areas

Do you ever wonder what is the maximum value possible to the upside and minimum value to the downside of your property is?
If you would like to know how much your property is worth Redbrick employs expert valuers who have worked in property for over a decade and lived in Reading for over 30+ years. We pride ourselves on delivering FREE in-depth property valuations and full market analysis and overviews. This ensures you are receiving the very best advice which includes the most current information, empowering you, the Customer to decide if you do sell it. We are a niche and unique property services Company with over 45+ years combined experience and we deliver this service every day covering predominantly Reading, Basingstoke, Wokingham and Bracknell but also surrounding Areas.

Are you:

  • Getting ready for your next house move?
  • Thinking about selling your property?
  • Selling off an investment property?
  • Want to remortgage a property and release funds?

Its vital that you work with a local Agent with expertise and knowledge from the very beginning of the selling process, after all, first impressions count and once a property goes live online that is when interest from buyers is at the highest levels.

We would like to help you understand what your house is worth. Even if you aren’t quite ready to sell it just yet, we can provide a forward guidance outlook as to what we think the value is likely to be, in certain market conditions. That way you’ll know how much upside or downside there could be in not selling straight away.

When is the right time for a property valuation?

We strongly recommend that you arrange an up to date property valuation as early as possible. Once you have an accurate idea of how much your house is worth you can start making plans, and we can help with mortgages and recommend an efficient solicitor for conveyancing.

Soon after the valuation we can assist you with your onward plans where you can use the fuller range of our service.