What is the Rental Value of my Property, House or Flat?

Redbrick provide up to date rental valuations for all types of property across Berkshire.

Even if you’re not looking to let your property straight away we’re happy to provide you with an accurate valuation.

Many of our customers are simply interested in the rental value of their properties to help them make important financial decisions.


If you’d like one of our experienced Agents to visit your property and provide a free written valuation, simply complete the LET US KNOW and we will get right back to you.

If you’d like a free online Valuation please complete the TWO PAGE FORM and we will give you an online valuation of your property.

The data has been retrieved from a variety of different sources and does not take into account the properties individual characteristics.

To obtain an accurate valuation please call us, or full in the VALUATION FORM for a free visit and valuation report.

This report will factor in the local economy and infrastructure, recent interest levels, how the market is performing currently.

*Please note that this is a guideline to how much your property COULD be valued at.*

From Politics to Foreign policy to Central Bank measures – markets can and often will move so quickly and changing all of the time in a globalised world.

  • What will be the likely value of your property in 5 years time?
  • What impact will Crossrail have on your property when it arrives?
  • When is the best time to dispose of the property?
  • Maybe you are thinking of selling one property, and purchasing another in a different area searching for better value?

We use data sources from various reputable sources from property market leading researchers and will factor in things such as Crossrail, Local Regeneration, Local jobs market, BoE forward guidance, Exchange rate, Average earnings, Mortgage lending policies, Construction data, Tax policy changes, amongst others.

With over 45+ years of combined experience and consistent training you can feel confident that we will provide you with an accurate valuation that ensures your property generates the best returns possible. An accurate valuation is essential because the moment your property is advertised the interest will be at its greatest, and you don’t want to discourage any potential tenants.

iStock_000020432897LargeWe provide valuations whether you are:

  • A new landlord looking for advice on how much rent to charge
  • An experienced investor looking for up to date valuations on your portfolio of properties
  • Deciding whether to sell or rent your property

Our valuation process is totally transparent, so you won’t be left wondering how and how we’ve reached the valuation of your rental property.